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SCHOOL: Hattat Behçet Arabi İmam Hatip Secondary School
PROJECT NO: 2018-1-TR01-KA229-060961
PROJECT TITLE: "Education is the Right of Refugees and Some Empathy"
Erasmus + Project has been accepted by European Union Education and Youth Programs Center.
The project would make Turkey, including two years as the coordinator;
We will work on the education and problems of our teachers, students and European partners and refugee students.
Within the scope of the project, teachers and students of our school will visit ROMANIA, POLAND, GREECE, BULGARIA and ITALY.
The main objective of our project is:
To accelerate the adaptation process of the refugee students to the school environment, to gain effective empathy skills by getting rid of the prejudices and stereotypical ideas against refugees in the society, and to provide the measurability of the activity carried out with the first test and the final test logic before all of these movements.
All of the local events we are going to do are coordinated with the partners before and after the online meetings will be held.
1. Visit to ROMANIA.
Main Theme: Educational and linguistic problems faced by teachers in the education of refugees. These problems are handled in individual headings and offer solutions, brainstorming different ideas and gaining an innovative perspective.
2. Visit to POLAND. 
Main Theme: Integration of refugee students into education system and adaptation to society. During the activity, different activities will be held and expert opinions will be given, meetings, seminars and video demonstrations will be made and the knowledge skills and capacities of all participants will be increased. 
3. Visit to GREECE. 
Main Theme: To create an effective awareness in all participants. All participants will discuss the problems of refugees and the role of education in their later lives. Reports of the results obtained at the end of the activity will be created. There will be a workshop with a life story and a painting exhibition. 
4. Visit to BULGARIA. 
Main Theme: To give empathy and awareness to our students. In this context, firstly, a theater will be staged together with the students from the results obtained by analyzing the refugee stories and tragedies in the world media.
5. Visit To Turkey. 
Main Theme: I am a Refugee All participants participating in the activity will play a refugee in which we share the life story in schools in this country. They will be trained as refugees in different educational institutions and will try to live their lives and record them. 
6.Visit to ITALY. 
Main Theme: What will be done next and activities that will form the basis of dissemination activities will be made. Some of these activities are as follows; 
An exhibition of paintings describing refugees. The ler Against All Odss memiş, which describes what it is like to be a refugee designed by the UNYK, will be played online and the animation film called Seekşng Refugee will be watched and theater plays such as ’The lord of borders, immigrants, the unfinished story of the seagulls’ will be played with the students.
”Human Life Comes Before Borders“
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